Lago Atitlán

San Pedro was my first stop in Guatamala. San Pedro is located on the shores of Lago Atitlán, a gorgeous lake surrounded by volcanoes. The incredible nature, colorful markets, and friendly people has made this stop one of my favorites so far.


Panajachel is one of the larger towns near Lago Atitlán, and it has one of the most extensive markets. The shops were loaded with beautiful Guatamalan textiles, and most of the people here wear traditional dress. I visited here often by boat from San Pedro. The paragliding launch is about a 30 minute trip up the mountain from town.

Nariz Indio

This is a short hike that can be made from the nearby town of Santa Clara. We started as early as possible to get a view of the sunrise. The view was fantastic, and we could even see the Volcán de Fuego erupting in the distance!


There are two sites to fly near the lake, and depending on the wind one is always better than the other. This area was one of the prettiest sites I’ve ever flown. Conditions were a mixture of ridge soaring and thermals. I didn’t have the opportunity to do XC here (it really isn’t well suited), but some small XC flights are possible around the edge of the lake. A great place for some relaxed, low stress flights!

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