San Cristóbal (again)

Corona virus has forced a change of plans. I spent the better part of April and May in Guatemala, waiting for the situation to improve. The regulations in Guatemala were strict, and it was impossible to leave town without authorization from local authorities. When things looked like they weren’t going to improve anytime soon, I decided to return to San Cristóbal, Mexico, to pass the time until borders begin to re-open. Fortunately this has given me a second chance at capturing the beauty of this area.

It’s been a bit of a challenge to find a spot that isn’t too light polluted to capture some pictures of the stars. These pictures were taken from the paragliding launch just after sunset, and I think the towns in the distance add an interesting quality to the images. I’m scoping out some other spots in the area that I think will offer some better vantage points.

It’s now the rainy season in Chiapas, but there has still been some good opportunities to fly. It rains almost every afternoon in San Cristóbal, but a 30 minute drive towards Tuxtla takes you toward clearer skies. The valley is much more green than I remember it the first time I was here. Most of my flights have been relatively short, and I have been landing at launch so I don’t have to take public transportation back to San Cristóbal. There have been some really beautiful days, especially on the days after rain.

Here are some more pictures of the city. I tried my best to take advantage of the rain-free days!

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