Bryce Canyon

Fairyland Loop

This short loop hike takes you through many of the canyons’ interesting rock formations, including the Two Towers Bridge. The colorful stratigraphy and numerous bristlecone pines make for a pretty hike.

Sunrise Point

I woke up early to capture the sunrise at the aptly-named Sunrise Point. I experimented with a few different techniques to capture the sunrise, so I ended up with several different shots all from the same location. The shifting colors from purple to orange to gold was really enjoyable to watch.

Navajo Loop

The Navajo Loop is a short but popular hike in Bryce Canyon. The hike takes you down through the numerous hoodoo formations that Bryce is known for. On the way back up, you hike through a steep and narrow canyon called Wall Street.


Many of the viewpoints throughout the park are accessible by the main road in the park. This makes the experience a lot less adventurous, but it provides for a lot of great photo opportunities. One of the viewpoints I stopped at was called Rainbow Point. A storm rolled in shortly after I arrived, but I waited it out and caught a nice view from the overlook.

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