Lamoille Canyon

On the way from Utah to Oregon, I decided to make a short stop in Lamoille Canyon. The canyon is located in northeast Nevada, and it features one of America’s scenic byways. I came here with no expectations, and was mostly intending to do a short hike to break up the long drive. After driving […]


Monroe It seems like I end up near Monroe almost every year. But it’s easy to see why – the area has some of the best mountain flying in the country. Additionally there is some fantastic hiking, rock climbing, and off-roading nearby. It is definitely a paradise for adventure seekers. This year I visited in […]


Colombia is one of my favorite places to fly. It’s one of the best winter-time sites in the world as it offers very reliable XC conditions with (usually) soft and wide thermals. Valle de Cauca is the most popular area in Colombia for flying. I stayed in Roldanillo for several weeks and flew on the […]