Colombia is one of my favorite places to fly. It’s one of the best winter-time sites in the world as it offers very reliable XC conditions with (usually) soft and wide thermals. Valle de Cauca is the most popular area in Colombia for flying. I stayed in Roldanillo for several weeks and flew on the weekends. Colombia is always a good time, and I can hardly wait to come back next year.

Most of my flights this year were around the Roldanillo area, but I also ventured north to Apia on a flight with a few friends from home. We intended an overnight out-and-back flight, but rain shut us down on the return trip. Roldanillo seems to have the more reliable flying conditions, but it’s fun to explore other parts of the valley.


For the last week of my trip I decided to spend a few days in Cali, the closest major city to Roldanillo. The city has some interesting areas that were nice to explore, but traveling to Cali requires some extra caution. At night areas of the city can be quite dangerous. Apart from this, it was good to see another part of Colombia.

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