The Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland

I had to go Germany for a week for work, and I extended the trip with an extra week for vacation in Switzerland. It was my first time to Europe and I really enjoyed the architecture, the food, and the epic flying in the Alps.

The Netherlands

I flew into Amsterdam, as it’s the closest major airport to the office in Germany. Amsterdam is a beautiful city with some historic buildings and loads of great restaurants. It was nice to explore the city, but after a few hours exploring the city I definitely had my fill and was ready to get away from the crowds.

We had a free morning and we decided to go for a bike ride through the world-famous tulip fields outside of the city. We rode the Bloemenroute, which takes you past several tulip fields. We fortunately caught the tail end of the tulip season, and it was a really beautiful ride.


We had some free time and decided to take an evening trip to Muenster in northern Germany. It is a relatively small town compared to the other major cities in Germany, but are is still plenty of historic landmarks here that make the city worth visiting. The Muenster Cathedral dates back to the 13th century, with some parts that were constructed even earlier.


My week in Switzerland turned out to be the most epic week of flying I’ve ever had. Initially rain was predicted throughout the entire week. But the weather cleared up once I arrived, and there was some phenomenal flying to be had. I had seen pictures of the Swiss Alps prior to the trip, but experiencing this place first hand was on another level. It was hard to believe this place is real. Topping off the incredible scenery is a fantastic public transportation system. Just land somewhere close to any town and you can easily take buses and trains back to where you started. I think I’m still smiling from this experience, and I’m going to try to go back as soon as I can.




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